🖥️How to Buy on Desktop

This tutorial is for Desktop only. Please select the mobile tutorial if you are using mobile.

Select blockchain & connect wallet

Step 1: Click the "extensions" on on the top right of the webpage in your browser.

Step 2: Choose the wallet that you want to use to purchase $MPILL from the drop-down menu

Step 3: Click the icon on the top left to select the blockchain you'd like to purchase with. We support Ethereum Mainnet, Solana and BNB Chain.

If you have multiple wallets, select whichever wallet you'd like to purchase with by clicking the drop down menu in the top centre.

Step 4: After selecting the blockchain and wallet you'd like to use, click the "Connect Wallet" button.

You can also click "Buy $MPILL" in the top menu and it will bring you to the connect wallet button.

Step 5: Search for and select the wallet you're going to use from the pop-up window.

Or type in the name of your wallet to find it. Then click to select it

Step 6: Select "Connect Extension"

Read the paragraph below if you are a Metamask user for who the "Connect Extension" option is not showing up

IMPORTANT note for Metamask users:

If you intend to use Metamask, please make sure the Metamask wallet extension is the ONLY wallet extension on your browser (e.g. Google chrome, Internet Explorer etc). Multiple wallet extensions will prevent your Metamask extension from being able to be used. Either remove your other wallet extensions on that browser (after backing them up first) OR install and use your Metamask wallet extension on a web browser that doesn't have any other wallet extensions. Read here for more information: https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/12174759849371-How-to-use-multiple-MetaMask-wallets#:~:text=Can%20I%20have%20multiple%20types,of%20them%20will%20work%20correctly

Step 7: Click "Next" in your wallet

Step 8: Click "Connect" to connect your wallet

Step 9: Now your wallet is connected, select how much you want to pay in USD. You can pay in multiple different currencies like USDT, USDC, BNB, ETH, SOL etc. However, you must first select the value amount in USD you'd like to pay.

MINIMUM purchase is 100 USD

Step 10: Enter the USD amount you'd like to purchase then click "Done"

Step 11: Select "Payment" to select the currency you'd like to use e.g. USDT, ETH, BNB, USDC, SOL etc

Select the currency you'd like to use from the options available

Step 12: Once you've selected your USD amount and currency, Click "Approve use of..."

Step 13: Click "Next" in your wallet

Step 14: Click "Pay"

Step 15: Click "Confirm" in your wallet

Step 16: Your payment has now been confirmed. Your $MPILL will automatically arrive in your wallet after the conclusion of the presale rounds.

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