Meme Meets Utility: The Meme Pillagers Universe

Meme Power plus Utility: The $MPILL token is at the core of the Meme Pillagers Universe, powering an range of games, competitions, collections and staking.


Collect, swap, win and earn exclusive Meme Pillagers Solana inscriptions. With the explosive rise of Ordinals, Solana has created a new, faster, lower fee, better competitor: Inscriptions. Unlike NFTs where data is stored off chain, with inscriptions all data from text, to images and more is stored directly on the blockchain forever and always. Following the Meme Pillagers launch, $MPILL inscriptions become tradable on top Solana Inscriptions marketplaces such as and others. Dive into the Meme Pillagers GameFi suite to win and unveil exclusive inscriptions of your own.

AI Meme Games Suite: Casino, Video and Lotto Games

The Meme Pillagers universe contains a suite of classic video, casino and lotto games all enhanced with AI and your favourite meme characters. Experience more variation in your games and create AI avatars with a click of a button in your game all thanks to Artificial intelligence. All games are interconnected through the Meme Pillagers token, so players can win and spend $MPILL across all the games as well as with each new game added to the suite. Players also have the opportunity to unveil fresh Meme Pillagers inscriptions. Dive into games like Roulette, Coin Flip, Slot games, and more, all upgraded to integrate seamlessly with AI & web 3.0.

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