Get ready for the ultimate staking experience with Meme Pillagers! We're allocating 35% or 3.5 Billion $MPILL tokens to staking rewards, but here's the kicker: no need to lock away your tokens! Simply keep them in your self-custodial wallet and watch as your staking rewards roll in weekly. All you have to do is hold over 350,000 $MPILL and hold your tokens for at least a week to automatically collect rewards for that week. Staking kicks off right after the presale, with tokens gradually and consistently released to ensure price stability. Tokens will be released steadily at a linear pace. With Meme Pillagers, earning rewards is seamless and hassle-free, putting the power of staking right in your hands. Get set to stake and watch your $MPILL grow!

APR Rate Tiers

350,000- 1,000,000 $MPILL = 112.48% APR

1,000,001-10,000,000 $MPILL = 258.55% APR

10,000,001 $MPILL or more = 407.42% APR

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