Token Allocation

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure with Meme Pillagers, where we're set to build on the success of meme giants like Pepe, Doge, Bonk, and more! The Meme Pillagers universe will be powered by the $MPILL token with a total token supply of 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion)

Presale- 50%

50% of the total supply or 5,000,000,000 tokens will be available for public presale. No whitelists no bullsh*t!

Don't miss the opportunity at the special presale price starting at $0.001 per $MPILL token. Join the thrilling launch as $MPILL takes you on the crypto ride of a lifetime!

Staking- 35%

Prepare for ultimate staking with Meme Pillagers! We allocate 35% or 3.5B $MPILL tokens to rewards. No locking required! Keep tokens in your wallet for weekly rewards. Staking begins post-presale, releasing tokens gradually for stability. With Meme Pillagers, earning is easy—staking power in your hands. Stake and grow $MPILL!

Liquidity- 10%

Ensuring stability and liquidity is our priority at Meme Pillagers! We're dedicating 10% or 1 Billion $MPILL tokens to DEX liquidity. This strategic move ensures a smooth ride as $MPILL gains momentum.

Community Rewards- 5%

Get ready for some meme magic with Meme Pillagers! We're setting aside 5% or 0.5 Billion $MPILL tokens for community rewards as part of our viral marketing campaigns and community building initiatives. Picture this: airdrop campaigns, meme competitions, and collaborations with other prominent crypto communities—all geared towards growing and strengthening the Meme Pillagers community. With these initiatives, we're not just building a community; we're creating a meme-powered movement that's set to take the crypto world by storm. Join us in spreading the meme love and watch as the Meme Pillagers community thrives and grows stronger with every meme shared!

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